There is no reason to have a website online if you are not constantly working on Search Engine Optimization. We compare it to planting a tree without watering it, SEO is the Water & Fertilizer in the Digital Marketing Industry. Everyone says I want to get found on the first page of google, well how do you expect that to happen? You need to fully optimize your site, from page titles, search engine friendly url's, meta tags, keyword rich content, outbound link building, backlink building, social media integrations... There are actually 300 proven aspects of true SEO, we focus on what is most important not wasteful. Hope you do the same.

Every day we hear war stories about the previous "Web Guys" who burned the client over and left them on their own with no clue how to move forward. It's the downside of the "Digital Marketing Industry" as there are many pretenders out there with no true experience as Digital Marketing Professionals or Business Owners. You need to focus on the company you are hiring, the service provider should give you a detailed review of your business, a plan of action and goals which they expect to achieve successfully. At Cuckhoo Web Design, we tell every possible client to speak with us even if they don't hire us, it's not a sales pitch or technique. We love to educate and break down the big bad web terms leaving the client understanding what we are offering, why and what the following step is. If you are looking for website design then look at the work that agency has done and what they clients they have worked for have said. Looking for an SEO service provider? Google SEO in your location (SEO Annapolis), if they can't get themselves on top of Google then how will they do it for you?

Cuckhoo News 2018 Top Seo Company In Maryland

Over the past 3 years we have strived to be the best in Maryland when it come to being affordable and efficient...   We also set goals for ourselves which we love to crush, well we just crushed a huge one!  

If you are are in the market for a new website, be ready to buy when you start your search! When a Web Design Company is contacted and reaches out to the client, we base pricing on many factors but availability in a schedule at that time plays into it. You have the buying power at that time... when you say your timeframe to begin the project is 3 months then you miss out on truly available savings with that agency. True Web Design Agencies which are interested in helping the client while keeping their schedule will always negotiate.